Respect Eco Friendly Family Coffin

A unique coffin that can also be used as a shroud transfer coffin.  Shrouds and Family Coffins are available to buy  from Respect for either burial or cremation.

Respect have been producing thousands of shrouds over the years and they have now come up with a recyclable coffin for families to consider.

“We found whilst there is a clear demand for our bamboo and cremation shrouds, some family members were worried how other mourners may feel about seeing a shrouded body at a funeral. 

Now they can have the best of both worlds, when using an eco friendly shroud they can cover the body for transfer or display in the chapel and simply remove the shrouded body for burial / cremation which is resting on a firm wooden beir for ease of removal,the coffin is then saved and returned for further use”.

For more information e-mail or call 01427 612992 Everybody WW11

Respect Everybody Shroud and advice:

I wanted to let you know that my brother’s burial went very well. The shroud was lovely and soft, great quality and perfect for the occasion and it was perfect for him.
Your support and advice was really appreciated and I can’t really thank-you enough for giving up your time to do this.

Respect Everybody Shrouds have been receiving a lot of press recently.

We attended the Good Funeral Guide Event in Birmingham earlier this month (September) and had a stand to show the product off!  One of our customers, a celebrant who had used recently used one of the Shrouds arranged to carry out a demonstration using her friend to lay within the Shroud so that others attending the show could see how easy they are to use and to carry.  She demonstrated how to wrap the loved one and make the ties secure and how to dress the folds within the bamboo cloth with wild flowers showing that each Shroud can be unique and special to the family using it.

The demonstration was a huge success and we have had a huge amount of interest and various articles within national newspapers such as the Daily Mail

Newsweek Magazine published an article on the Respect Everybody Shrouds after visiting the Ideal Death Show in Birmingham and watching a demonstration on how to lay a body within the shroud and fold the shroud ensuring the body is secure within.  It also demonstrated how the Respect Everybody Shrouds which are made from bamboo and can look unique and decorative by placing wild flowers within the folds of the Shroud.

The demonstration was very well attended and showed just how simple the Respect Everybody shrouds are to use and carry.



Is a Ferrarri your dream car? Well now you can have the choice to have your ashes placed in an Urn created to look like one! How cool is that!!  Made from biodegradeable material this product is totally acceptable for Green Burial.


Client Testimonials.

May I take this opportunity to thank you and Alison for everything you have done to help us through this difficult time. We have found the perfect place for *******- everything he loved in close proximity. I have been up to Laughton several times since Friday and each time I find it comforting. I can sit on his bench and chat to him in peace and quiet.

BP, Burton on Stather

Thank you for the photo’s, they are just what I needed, thank you once again for being so kind and thoughtful, it help a lot on such a sad occasion

K&H, W of Doncaster

Thank you for the photos of Geoff’s bird box & bench, it looks really peaceful. Thanks and regards F C

F C, Knottingley

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