The team at Respect are preparing the Eco Burial Parks for the sowing of wild meadow seeds in order to create a mass of colour for the summer months.

Three sections of land at our Bawtry Park have been rotivated ready for the sowing in April and the Team are quite excited to see what the end result will look like.

Poppies will be incorporated within the seed mixture to represent the Fallen of the First World War and the 100th year anniversary. 1914 – 2014

Work is commencing this week on rotivating along the banking of the fishing lake at Laughton Burial Park again in preparation for the sowing of the seeds.

We will be posting photographs of the Meadows once they in full bloom.

North Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire DN10 6AB  There are only two other licensed burial sites in the UK that allow burial of both Humans and Pets together but there are several good sites listed on this web site.

Lincolnshire and North Lincolnshire – These areas are serviced by our Woodland Green Burial Park set in 45 acres off the A159 at Dring Lane, Laughton, between Gainsborough & Scunthorpe.  The Park opened in late 2010 and aims to serve the whole of the county.

Do you know that it’s illegal to bury pets in your own back garden? It is not common knowledge but it is technically illegal .

You should seek permission from The Environment Agency and inform your local council to register the burial plus you must inform the new owner or tenant when you move. Just like burying a human body in your back garden it devalues your property by 25%.

Two Private Natural Woodland Green Burial Parks now operated by Respect.  These are predominantly for burying people, however we have a separate area that uniquely offers the burial of animals and pet lovers side by side in our Togetherness Section. This rather exclusive opportunity for you to be buried alongside your pets can only take place in a fully licensed cemetery of which Respect own two of the four burial grounds in the UK.

Laughton near the North Linc’s / Lincolnshire border serving both counties

Scrooby / Bawtry Great North Rd J A638/A614 North Nottinghamshire / South Yorkshire

Not only are we less expensive than all the council run cemeteries, we offer exclusive permanent burial plots never to be reused and we do not charge more for anyone living outside the area so families and friends can be reunited together in a final resting place at no extra cost.


Client Testimonials.

May I take this opportunity to thank you and Alison for everything you have done to help us through this difficult time. We have found the perfect place for *******- everything he loved in close proximity. I have been up to Laughton several times since Friday and each time I find it comforting. I can sit on his bench and chat to him in peace and quiet.

BP, Burton on Stather

Thank you for the photo’s, they are just what I needed, thank you once again for being so kind and thoughtful, it help a lot on such a sad occasion

K&H, W of Doncaster

Thank you for the photos of Geoff’s bird box & bench, it looks really peaceful. Thanks and regards F C

F C, Knottingley

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