Single Burial Grave Space:

Why should we choose;

These are all terms now commonly used to introduce an alternative choice to traditional Victorian cemetery burials which can often be rather cold unwelcoming places.  One of the main reasons for choosing a green burial is your respect for nature and the lasting benefit YOUR CHOICE will give to generations to come and the loved ones left behind. An “ECO” Green Burial can cost less than traditional burials. It can be as simple as you wish with no fuss at all or you can choose a traditional church service before the burial and even a small graveside eulogy.
For family plots, unlike many councils and churches, we do not charge double or even any extra at all if the deceased lives outside of the area. This is one of the main benefits of choosing and pre booking a family plot.  You can rest assured all of the family can have the right to be buried together even along with the beloved family pets.

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