Respect direct cremations coffin prepared for cremation with beautiful decor.

Respect Direct Cremations

At Respect, we are deeply committed to providing low cost affordable direct cremation services, blending compassion with cost-consciousness. We understand that during times of farewell, the emotional well-being of families is as important as mindful financial planning.

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Respect direct cremations coffin prepared for cremation with beautiful decor.

Planning A Direct Cremation Funeral?

Our direct cremation services are thoughtfully priced, ensuring accessibility and easing the financial aspects of saying goodbye. This approach stems from our heart-felt dedication to handling each step with care and understanding. 

From the moment you entrust your loved one to us, through every thoughtful interaction, our team embodies a gentle, respectful approach, focusing on the needs and wishes of both the departed and those they leave behind. 

At Respect, affordability does not come at the expense of care; instead, it is harmoniously integrated with our unwavering commitment to provide a dignified and sincere farewell and low cost cremations.

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Award-Winning Direct Funeral Services

Nationally Recognised For Direct Cremations UK

Our dedication to providing compassionate, eco-friendly funerals has been nationally recognised, Respect GB have also been featured on the BBC series, “Dead Good Job – Episode 3”. Find out what the Worksop Guardian reported here about our appearance.

  • Best UK Green business of the year 2023 runner up
  • Best Green Burial Park Winner 2022
  • Runner-up at The Good Funeral Awards 2017
  • Winner of the Best Alternative Hearse Award 2016
  • Best Green Funeral Director 2014 Winner by the Good Funeral Guide
  • Highly Commended Certificate at The Lincolnshire Environmental Award 2014
  • Nottinghamshire Sustainability award Winners 2012
  • Wild Life Trust Green Guardian Award 2011 Winner

How Much Does Cremation Cost?

Direct Cremations UK (Unattended) Costs

Basic Adult Cremation Fee: £995.00 

This includes the funeral director’s charges and the cremation fee.

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Do you have to pay upfront for a direct cremation?

At Respect, we understand that planning for a direct cremation can be a sensitive and thoughtful process. To ease this journey, we do not require upfront payment for our direct cremation services. 

However, to ensure clarity and respect for all parties involved, we kindly request that payment be taken care of before the cremation takes place. This policy allows families the flexibility to make arrangements without the immediate financial pressure, while also ensuring that we can provide the dignified and seamless service your loved one deserves.

Our team is committed to supporting you through each step, making this important moment as serene and respectful as possible.

Additional Direct Cremation Costs 

Bariatric / Obese Factors

In cases where bariatric (obese) factors are present, additional charges may apply. These charges cover the need for additional personnel, larger vehicles, and the cost of a larger coffin (over 6’ x 22″). The exact price for these additional services is available on application. Respect reserves the right to decline or withdraw services in such cases.

Coroner’s Referral

In events of sudden unexplained deaths, accidents with police involvement, or if the deceased was not under a doctor’s care within the last 28  days, the death may be referred to the Coroner. Collection from a private home or care home in these circumstances we may first need to arrange for your loved one to be held at a local funeral director for further medical checks. This service has an estimated cost of £80 – £200. Others charge £220.00 – £440.00.

The Wider Area

For transferring the deceased from places outside of mainland England, special arrangements are required. Interested parties are encouraged to enquire directly for the fees associated with these transfers.

These cost breakdowns are detailed on our fee notes and any additional fees are designed to provide clarity and transparency for families considering an unattended direct cremation service with Respect. The additional fees ensure that all unique circumstances are respectfully and professionally handled, while still upholding the dignified and environmentally conscious ethos of the service.

Service & Cremation With Respect

Cost of cremation with a service (Attendees Present)

Attended Funeral Director’s Charges – £1,275

This includes the overall coordination and conduct of the funeral service where family and friends attend the ceremony.

Funeral Directors Additional Services

  • Legal and administrative arrangements
  • Collecting and transporting the deceased from the place of death into the funeral director’s care (within 15 miles).
  • Care of the deceased person before the funeral
  • Providing a suitable coffin (Oak Veneered MDF)
  • Viewing of the deceased person by appointment
  • Taking the deceased person to the agreed cemetery or crematorium in a hearse


The cost of cremation typically varies and can range from £600. This fee is in addition to the funeral director’s charges.

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What Is A Direct Funeral?

What is a direct cremation? A respectful farewell with simplicity and dignity.

Direct cremation with Respect represents a dignified, yet understated approach to saying goodbye. It is a choice that focuses on simplicity, offering a serene and respectful farewell without the presence of a traditional funeral service or ceremony. A direct to cremation service may be better suited for your circumstance, reach out directly if you need any support deciding we are here to help.

What happens in a direct cremation?

At its core, cremations direct, is the process of cremating the deceased without a formal funeral service and without attendees. This option is chosen for its simplicity, affordability, and often, the wishes of the deceased for a low-key farewell. The process includes:

  • The collection and transportation of the deceased to our facilities.
  • The utmost care and preparation of the deceased for cremation.
  • The cremation itself, carried out with the highest decorum, respect and professionalism.

How Long Does It Take For A Direct Cremation?

How long does a express cremation service take?

Unlike others who can take four to six weeks, A Express Cremation is normally carried out within a week of the legal paperwork being in place and the ashes returned withing 7-10 days far more swiftly than any one trying to copy our Express Cremation service.

However we believe In the peaceful embrace of Respect, a direct cremation is still a solemn, yet serene process. It allows you and those left behind time for quiet reflection, marked by the gentle passage of a week rather than four to six weeks of anxiety this allows you enough time to honour the wishes of those who have departed.

Understanding Direct Cremation Duration

A direct cremation, distinct in its simplicity and dignity, does not follow the timeline of a traditional funeral service. In the UK, the duration of the actual cremation process typically ranges from 1 to 3 hours. However, at Respect, we understand that it’s not just about the time it takes for the cremation; it’s about the care and respect infused in every step.

The Process, Unhurried and Reverent What happens next?

From the moment we take bring your loved one into our care, every action is carried out with a deep sense of reverence:

  • We bring people into our care from any setting during the normal working week.
  • Each person in our chapel is looked after as if they were our own family, they are accommodated in our modern monitored chapels or rest.
  • Careful preparation and transportation of the deceased to our crematorium are done with utmost respect and gentleness.
  • The cremation itself, conducted without attendees, but with two staff offering assurance that decorum is upheld, is a quiet affair with gentle music, allowing for a personal and undisturbed farewell.
  • While there is no formal service or gathering, the essence of a direct cremation lies in its peaceful simplicity, reflecting a journey on to there final repose 

Time for Personal Remembrance

Direct cremation offers families the freedom to choose how and when to commemorate their loved ones. This could be in the days following the cremation or at a later time that holds special significance. It allows for a personal tribute in a manner and time that feels most appropriate to you.

Can You Attend A Direct Cremation?

Can family attend a direct cremation?

One of the main aims when choosing a Direct Cremation is to keep the cost as low as possible, At Respect direct cremations, we embrace the essence of a direct cremation as a private No Fuss un attended farewell. Direct cremation is a choice for many who seek a simple, unceremonious way to say goodbye, reflecting a desire for peace and introspection.

The nature of direct cremation

In its traditional form, a direct cremation does not include a formal service or the attendance of family and friends at the cremation itself. This approach is chosen for its simplicity and the personal space it offers for reflection. It provides a moment for your loved one to be in the gentle care of nature, allowing for an undisturbed and respectful farewell.

Creating Space for Personal Tributes

While direct cremation at Respect does not encompass a conventional gathering, it opens the door for personal tributes and memorials to be held at a time and place chosen by those who were closest. This flexibility allows families and friends to honour their loved ones in a way that is most meaningful to them, be it a quiet moment in nature, a gathering at a cherished location, or a celebration of life at home.

Do You Get Ashes From Direct Cremation?

Yes these can be returned by a courier service.

Upon the completion of the cremation, the ashes are carefully collected, ensuring that this final tangible remembrance of your loved one is treated with dignity and respect. We understand the profound significance these ashes can hold, serving as a link to memories, a symbol of love, and a means for personal closure or tribute.

At Respect, we ensure that the ashes are returned to you, allowing for the opportunity to keep them close, scatter them in a meaningful place, or honour them in any manner that feels right to you and your family. This step in the journey of remembrance is deeply personal, and we are here to support and guide you in deciding how best to honour and cherish these ashes.

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