Respect direct funeral services, eco friendly funeral coffin.

Respect Direct Funeral Services

At Respect Direct Funeral Services, we understand the importance of saying goodbye with dignity and grace. Our direct funeral services offer a serene and straightforward approach to honouring your loved one, focusing on what truly matters. 

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Respect direct funeral services, eco friendly funeral coffin.

Welcome to Respect Direct Funeral Services

We provide a respectful and cost-effective alternative to traditional funerals, ensuring a dignified farewell without the burden of excessive costs or elaborate ceremonies. Our compassionate team is dedicated to offering personalised care and support, ensuring every aspect of the service is handled with Decorum sensitivity and professionalism. 

Choosing Respect Direct Funeral Services means opting for simplicity, affordability, and peace of mind during a difficult time, allowing you to reflect and remember in a way that is right for you and your family.

What Is A Direct Funeral Service?

Direct to crematorium for a cremation without a funeral service

Understanding the Service: A direct to Cremation is without a funeral yet it is a tender and uncomplicated way to honour the final journey of a loved one. It involves gently taking the departed directly to the crematorium, bypassing traditional ceremonies for their final repose.

Respectful Collection: The body is carefully and respectfully brought into our care, ensuring a peaceful start to their journey. We accommodate each loved one as an individual in a controlled modern premises where we prepare them for their final repose

Cremation with Respect: In a direct cremation the cremation is carried out in a dignified manner, with decorum and always entering the chapel and the deceased being placed upon the catafalque/altar with  quiet music playing.

Memorial Options: Families are always informed of the date and time of the cremation so they are encouraged to find comfort in planning a memorial service either at the exact same time or at a later date, creating a personal tribute in their own way and time.

Respect in a quiet Farewell: It’s a path that respects the need for a serene and uncomplicated goodbye and as direct cremation increases in popularity certainly not just on the importance of cost but several times Respect Direct Cremation Services have been honoured to fulfil the wishes of some very famous people from the wealthy, nobility, plus Film, TV and the music industry, Respect is offered equally to everyone.

Direct Burial Funeral

What is a direct burial? A direct burial is a no fuss private un attended a gentle and straightforward way to lay a loved one to rest. It is a process of quiet dignity, foregoing the formalities of traditional services.

Respectful  Collection: Your loved one is brought into our care with  the utmost decorum and respect. We accommodate each loved one as an individual in a controlled modern premises where we prepare them for their final repose

Dignified Burial: The interment is carried out respectfully and the family are informed of the time and date that the burial will take place. These burials are carried out in a private manner, allowing families to grieve in their own time and way sometimes intimately or by visiting the resting place together at a later date. 

Memorial Options: Families have the opportunity to organise a memorial service later, in a way that truly honours the memory of their loved one.

Embracing Serenity

Financial Consideration and Respect: This choice is both respectful and mindful yet lessens the financial impact, focusing on what truly matters, laying the person to rest in a dignified way.

Quiet Farewell: It’s a path that respects the need for a serene and uncomplicated goodbye and as direct cremation increases in popularity certainly not just on the importance of cost but several times Respect Direct Cremation Services have been honoured to fulfil the wishes of some very famous people from the wealthy, nobility, plus Film, TV and the music industry, Respect is offered equally to everyone.

Time for Healing: It offers space and time for families to come together and remember in their own way, at their own pace, fostering a healing process. In both types of direct funeral services, the essence is to provide a peaceful and respectful farewell that honours the individual’s choice on the final part of their journey, while offering families the space and flexibility to grieve and remember in a way that feels most fitting and comforting to them.

Embracing Simplicity

Economical and Unassuming: This approach respects both emotional and financial considerations, focusing on simplicity.

Peaceful Goodbye: It offers a peaceful farewell, reflecting a preference for serenity and introspection. 

Personal Reflection: Families are given the space to grieve and remember in a way that feels right for them, free from the constraints of immediate ceremonies.

The Process of a Direct Funeral Service

1. Notification and Understanding Co-ordination

After the passing of a loved one; if the persons time comes outside of a hospital ie at home, then you must first organise a medical professional to confirm the death, and if the person is in another setting, ie care / nursing home the family are always informed first about the passing and once the death has been confirmed by a professional then the funeral director / service provider, such as Respect is informed and respond with immediate and appropriate support. The funeral provider sensitively explains Respect’s direct funeral service options, ensuring the family feels listened to and comforted during these initial steps.

2. Respectful Transfer and Care of the Deceased

The deceased is respectfully brought into our care and transported from the place of their passing by private ambulance to the funeral home / chapel of rest Every step is taken with the utmost care and Respect, with the deceased being accommodated in a controlled environment / chapel and then prepared for their final repose and placed in a simple yet dignified eco friendly coffin-less-shroud, reflecting a spirit of reverence and care.

3. Handling Legal and Administrative Aspects with Sensitivity

Respect will assist / advise on obtaining the death certificate and necessary permits, managing these tasks with sensitivity to lessen the family’s burden.

All legal and administrative aspects are managed discreetly and efficiently, allowing the family to concentrate on their time of remembrance and grief.

4. Respectful Cremation or Burial

In direct cremation, the body is cremated in a manner befitting the solemnity of the occasion, with the ashes then entrusted to the family in a simple scatter tube urn. We also offer cremated remains plots in our Award Winning Green Burial Parks where you can eventually lay up to 4 sets of ashes together and plant a memorial tree so you can see your love grow and return to nature. 

For direct burial, the interment (burial) occurs quietly and respectfully, honouring the family’s desire for privacy and simplicity in their farewell. The resting place is granted for eternity so never to be disturbed and should you wish to have a memorial tree planted, so you can literally see your love continue to grow and watch them return to nature.

5. Compassionate Aftercare and Personalised Memorial Options

Respect direct funeral services offer guidance on bereavement resources, standing by the family even after the service, giving them the freedom to plan a memorial service or celebration of life at their own pace, allowing them to create a heartfelt and meaningful tribute that honours the unique life of their loved one.

In a direct funeral service, the emphasis is on providing a peaceful, respectful, and uncomplicated farewell. It’s a process marked by its gentle approach, offering families the space and grace they need to grieve and remember in a way that is most fitting to their needs and the spirit of the person they are honouring.

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Award-Winning Direct Funerals

Nationally Recognised Conservation Burial Grounds

Our dedication to providing compassionate, eco-friendly funerals has been nationally recognised, Respect GB have also been featured on the BBC series, “Dead Good Job – Episode 3”. Find out what the Worksop Guardian reported here about our appearance.

  • Best UK Green Business of the year 2023 runner up
  • Best Green Burial Park Winner 2022
  • Runner-up at The Good Funeral Awards 2017
  • Winner of the Best Alternative Hearse Award 2016
  • Best Green Funeral Director 2014 Winner by the Good Funeral Guide
  • Highly Commended Certificate at The Lincolnshire Environmental Award 2014
  • Nottinghamshire Sustainability award Winners 2012
  • Wild Life Trust Green Guardian Award Winner 2011 

These accolades reflect our unwavering commitment to excellence in green funeral practices and our innovative approach to celebrating life. If you’re searching for simple direct funerals look no further than Respect direct funeral services.

Direct Funeral Costs

How much does a direct funeral cost in the UK? For those who prefer a more private farewell, a direct burial costs from £1,795 including bringing the person into our care during the normal working week from any setting, care and preparation, an eco-friendly pure raw cotton coffin-less-shroud and the burial plot.

We also provide options for cremation, inclusive of the funeral director’s charges and cremation fee, starting at £995.00 if the coroner is involved.

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Can You Attend A Direct Funeral?

The nature of a direct funeral, whether it’s a direct cremation or direct burial, typically does not include a formal service or ceremony where attendees can be present. The focus of a direct funeral is on simplicity and privacy, with the body being taken directly to the crematorium or burial site once all legal documentation and registration has taken place. 

However, we at Respect Direct Funeral Services understand the importance of a personal touch and closure. While traditional attendance at the time of cremation or burial is not part of the direct funeral process, we encourage families to consider organising a memorial service or gathering at a later date. 

This allows loved ones to come together to celebrate the life and memory of the deceased in a more personal and intimate setting.

However being fully approved and recognised Funeral Directors we also offer a full range of attended funerals to suit your budget from witnessed, affordable to traditional funerals for both burial and cremation.

How Do You Arrange A Direct Funeral?

Arranging a direct funeral with Respect is a process marked by ease and compassion. To begin, simply contact us through our website, or by telephone.

Our caring team will guide you through every step, ensuring that your needs and those of your loved one are met with the utmost respect and dignity. We’ll discuss the options for direct cremation or direct burial, handle all necessary paperwork, and make all the arrangements in line with your wishes. 

Throughout this journey, Respect is committed to providing a service that honours your loved one in a dignified, caring manner. We understand this is a challenging time, and you might have more questions or need further guidance. 

Need no obligation support? enquire now and a member of the Respect team will get in touch with you promptly to provide the support you need at this difficult time. Let us help you navigate through these moments with kindness and professionalism.

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