JB of Sheffield said:

It is the first time I have arranged a direct funeral and both  you and Gordon have made this process so much easier to go through than the usual “ceremony” that I would strongly recommend it to any of my friends and family.  Thanks to both of you for the efficiency and personal service which you have kindly given to us and also to the Nursing Home when you collected J*** as I was told you called after lunch when the residents were less likely to notice the activity.


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beautiful green burial site with 2 love heart memorial pieces by a tree

Returning to the Earth: How Green Burials Honour Life and Nature

Take a closer look at green burial services, an eco-friendly burial option that allows individuals to honour their loved ones in a manner that deeply respects and nurtures the environment.

We touch on the green burial meaning, the process, and the profound benefits these practices offer not only to the environment but also to those seeking a more meaningful and sustainable way to say goodbye at one of our green burial locations.


As seen on TV – you have just found the originator and best value for low cost affordable Direct Funerals since 2010. Cremation and Burial

Respect direct burials


 LAUGHTON PARK If anyone has seen our beloved Cat lately or knows his whereabouts could you please contact theoffice on 01427 612992.He brings alot of joy to the


PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE GLASS JARS ON OR BURIED IN THE GRAVES This is what happened yesterday when our groundsman was strimming.  Fortunately he wasn’t

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