Respect Eco Friendly Family Coffin

A unique coffin that can also be used as a shroud transfer coffin.  Shrouds and Family Coffins are available to buy  from Respect for either burial or cremation.

Respect have been producing thousands of shrouds over the years and they have now come up with a recyclable coffin for families to consider.

“We found whilst there is a clear demand for our bamboo and cremation shrouds, some family members were worried how other mourners may feel about seeing a shrouded body at a funeral. 

Now they can have the best of both worlds, when using an eco friendly shroud they can cover the body for transfer or display in the chapel and simply remove the shrouded body for burial / cremation which is resting on a firm wooden beir for ease of removal,the coffin is then saved and returned for further use”.

For more information e-mail or call 01427 612992