Scunthorpe Telegraph editorial on Pet Burials with Respect

Mrs. Georgie Lings and her daughter Gail agreed to have their photograph taken and give and editorial with regard to the burial of Georgie’s pet cat Angel being laid to rest at our Park at Laughton.  Since then Georgie and her daughter have both booked their resting places, Georgie in the Togetherness Section with Angel and her daughter in the Meadow away from the pets.  It’s all about Choice with Respect and you get to choose exactly where you would like to be laid to rest within the Park.

Pet Burial is the least we can do for the one who has given us so much fun and joy.  To lay them to rest in a rural environment surrounded by nature with a tree or solid oak board to mark their final resting place.

Losing a pet is as traumatic as losing a member of our family – indeed they are a member of our family in a big way, always there to greet us with a wag of the tail and huge fuss when we come home from a horrible day at work – total unconditional love.

Here at Respect we have a Togetherness Meadow where you can actually be laid to rest with your pet.  If your pet goes first then you can book to be beside them forever, or if you have ashes from a past pet then these can go inside your resting place with you.

We endeavour to make the passing of your loyal friend as simple but as dignified as possible – please contact our office for more information.


Here at Respect we are finding that Pet Burials are increasing.  Families are wishing to lay their beloved Pets to rest in a natural environment where the whole family attends from Grandma & Grandad to the children and everyone is encouraged to get involved either by saying a little prayer or poem to leaving the Pet’s favourite toy / blanket and even little treats.

I think throughout everyone’s life we have a Pet within the family – someone quoted to me recently that “a dog is like a three year old in a fur coat” and I got it!  It’s true!!!  Our pets love us unconditionally and it is heartbreaking when we lose them but it also reassuring to know that they are being laid to rest where nature will prevail.



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Client Testimonials.

May I take this opportunity to thank you and Alison for everything you have done to help us through this difficult time. We have found the perfect place for *******- everything he loved in close proximity. I have been up to Laughton several times since Friday and each time I find it comforting. I can sit on his bench and chat to him in peace and quiet.

BP, Burton on Stather

Thank you for the photo’s, they are just what I needed, thank you once again for being so kind and thoughtful, it help a lot on such a sad occasion

K&H, W of Doncaster

Thank you for the photos of Geoff’s bird box & bench, it looks really peaceful. Thanks and regards F C

F C, Knottingley

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