TM of Doncaster wrote:

I am writing to thank you for your care and support following the sudden death of my sister in December 2017. I had intended to write sooner but I know you will understand why it has taken until now.

Today I visited her at the little oak among the bluebells, Spring is under way and the birds were busy among the trees, they will be grateful for the bird feeder I hung and hopefully leave the wildflower seeds I have sown on her plot alone.

Everything at the burial ground is coming to life, it does not feel like a sad or lonely place and it brought me great solace to spend time there.

Thank you so much for the funeral you organised, from changing the plans at the last minute to accommodate our needs to thinking about the Scottish chords to lower the casket, thank you for your gentle attention to details that could so easily have been overlooked, thank you for being honest and scrupulous in all of your dealings with us and thank you for helping us to organise a beautiful and fitting service for my sister during such a desperately difficult time.

I cannot recommend you or your company highly enough, I suppose the greatest accolade is that my sisters and I hope to join her at the Respect burial ground when our time comes, and that we will definitely be using Tulley’s.