Terminally Ill Doncaster Man get the ride of his life in a Mercedes AMG

Colin Lee, 62, who is more used to driving a cement truck as a former lorry driver, got to be chauffeured around in a Mercedes AMG SL 500. Colin recently moved in with his sister Gina Daily after being diagnosed with four brain tumours, which are advanced and untreatable. A nurse at St John’s Hospice who regularly visits Colin at home asked if there was anything she could do to help him, he chirpily said: “Well I don’t suppose you can but I have always had at the top of my bucket list a wish for a ride in a supercar.”

With the help of Respect Woodland Green Burials, a supercar was arranged to pick Colin up and take him for a spin. Gin said that Colin had been eagerly waiting with a big beaming smile for the car to arrive and when Rudy Micallef, who owns the very special wide bodied Merc turned up, he was over the moon and just could not thank Rudy and Respect enough saying: “It was absolutely smashing and a privilege to be in such a supercar.” He continued: “It was absolutely brilliant. I’ve been in all sorts of transport before, tanks, helicopters, but this was the bee’s knees. It was fast.” Gina said: “He had such a grin on his face from the moment it arrived until he got out of it.