NEW Respect Everybody CV-19 Swathing Shrouds

Economical quality heavy weight material only produced in white.
Less than half the cost of a quality FFMA approved cardboard Coffin.

  • Easier to store.

  • Easier to handle.

  • Low cost but still the same Respect quality as supplied since 2011 .

    Only sold to End Users in Bulk minimum orders of 40.

    Supplied as:

    • Shroud only.
    • Burial Shroud & bodyBoard Sets for burial or ease of storage then easy coffinate as fits any coffin 5’10 coffin (Special duel tapered ends).

    • Cremation sets of Shrouds, BodyBoards & ChargerBoards fully tested by the FFMA and approved for Cremation with our unique proven charging system, 1,000s used every year since 2012.

    FFMA web site

    CV-19 Swathing Shrouds already supplied to;

    Major Large UK Councils under the approval of Gold Command overseeing
    CV coordination
    Order Of St Johns Nightingale Carers
    Major UK Care Home / Nursing Home Groups

    Enquiries from USA & European Governments BUT UK serviced first

    Crown Suppliers

  • "Direct Funeral offer coffins at reduced rates and design and produce fully approved coffin-less-shrouds for both cremation and burial as well as funeral director services. They have coffin-less-shrouds in stock of 500 but have the capacity of 300 per day.
    They are based in Lincolnshire but have offices all over the East Midlands to provide services."

    Reduced Direct Funeral Customer Services

    As a former NATO & MOD supplier for many years in my last successful business before selling out, I have a deep understanding of logistics and scaling up for instant mass production and we can if need be ramp up to 500 shrouds per day.

    Here to Respect your wishes and serve

    Respect Everybody CV-19 Coffin-Less-Swathing-Shrouds
    Supplied Pure White heavy weight material labelled with three ties

    BodyBoards are only for either storage of the deceased or for burial used to keep the body rigid and easy to handle or lower

    Respect Everybody CV-19 Coffin-Less-Swathing-Shroud Boards
    BodyBoards as seen in the centre of this photo shaped at either end
    Charger Boards Left & Right

    CV-19 Swathing Shrouds are Pure White and labeled accordingly supplied with three ties, The labels can be purchased from any post office or stationers

    Cremation, you will require both the Body Board and the ChargerBoard supplied in sets

    Each board MUST carry the unique approval stamp to ensure its certified for cremation or burial

    Respect Shrouds Order Form

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    Respect EveryBody Bamboo coffin-less-shrouds

    To be used for both Burial & Cremation.

    Lots of people dread and fear the thought of being nailed into a coffin! This has led to a significant number of the public specifically designating the use of a Respect EveryBody Bamboo shroud in their Funeral Plans. Funeral Directors can often be set in their ways and look for all sorts of reasons / excuses to resist change, such as “Oh we would not wish to alarm our mourners with the sight of a shroud!” well times are changing back to older traditions and indeed Respect receive positive responses from families who choose shrouds and from their congregation and not one single genuine complaint, however should a funeral director be so afraid to change and use a shroud they could simply use Respects NEW Family Eco Friend recyclable coffin or one of their polls or indeed the deceased favourite throw / shawl / flag or blanket and simply return that to the family after the cremation or burial.

    Designed so the body rests gently on a bodyboard that is fitted into a secure inner pouch for stability and rigidity. To cremate the shroud Respect designed a simple chargerboard system.

    After launching these shrouds back in 2011 “we have been so pleased at the positive response we have received from the forward thinking crematorium managers who also wish to see a reduction in the emission & particulates from their crematoriums.

    Funeral Directors are often set in their ways but some progressive FDs are now happy to use shrouds and indeed some 50% or more of the UK crematoriums & councils have recommended and confirmed they accept shrouds on their web sites. Besides this some crematoriums “have encouraged the public to consider the Environment and think of using a shroud”.

    For more information please e-mail or call 01427 612992