Respect’s Gravedigger’s Nomination For Gravedigger of the Year

Our gravediggers are a man and wife team with three young girls. Erwin and Marie with Kayleigh, Megan and Immy.  They go above and beyond what is expected in helping us create the setting for a burial in our park.  They dig and backfill by hand and always ensure that the plot is left in a tidy appearance with the family flowers and any wildflowers planted and seeds sown ready for the family to return.   Because Respect uniquely also carry out pet burials and these are usually last minute as the pets come directly from the vets we have no worries that the grave will not be ready as Erwin will arrange the plotting out and  dig on the request from the phone call.     

 On the days they have to dig during school holidays or on a weekend the whole family turn up and the children enjoy making daisy chains and bird watching which is a great education for them and very refreshing to hear that they are not spending all day on computers and tablets.

They are a great asset to Respect and we would be proud for them to win this nomination