Respect Natural Woodland Green Burial Parks have WON The prestigious Wild Life Trust’s Green Guardian Award 2011 for Conservation, For Protecting The Environment through Innovation.

Awarded by Professor David Bellamy, he said “Respect Green Burials Make a Lot of Sense, they thoroughly deserve to win because Respect have protected green belt from development. ”

Presented by none other than Mike Dilger of BBC’s ‘The One Show’.

Respect Green Burial Park, Nr. Doncaster have won the prestigious Environmental Award in the Wildlife Trusts’ Green Guardians scheme.

Respect were also runners up for the 2011 Environmental Business Award.

The Natural Burial Ground at Hawks Nest, between Bawtry and Scrooby has been sown with wildflower seeds and memorial bat, bird and owl boxes have been put up to attract the wildlife back into the Park.  This has proven to be a success with varied species of birds being seen within the Park this year that weren’t there before.

Proprietor Gordon Tulley said: “One of the key elements in the ethos of a Natural Woodland Green Burial Park is the development of a sustainable, enriching environment in which wildlife is encouraged to flourish. Unlike a bleak council cemetery a true green burial ground is a warm, inviting place for both people and animals.”