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Welcome to Respect Green Burial Boston a sanctuary of peace, and nature. Respect woodland green burial grounds create a haven where final goodbyes honour both your loved ones and the earth. Our mission is clear: to offer meaningful, environmentally friendly funerals nestled in the heart of nature.

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Respect Green Woodland Burial Grounds

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Welcome to Respect Green Burials Boston A Sanctuary of Peace, Nature, and Respect

Respect Woodland Green Burial sites Boston create a haven where final goodbyes honour both your loved ones and the earth. Our mission is clear: to offer meaningful, environmentally friendly funerals to traditional burials, nestled in the heart of nature.

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Embrace Nature’s Cycle With Woodland Green Burials Boston

Our woodland burial sites are a testament to life’s natural cycle. We minimise our impact on the environment, allowing the native meadow flora and fauna to flourish. With each green burial, we contribute to the natural ecosystem, nurturing species like Holly, Oak, Ash, Cherry, and Birch, under-planted with native wildflowers. This natural sanctuary encourages wildlife, from butterflies to birds, creating a living legacy.

Multi-Denominational Green Burials Boston

We welcome all, offering a serene, multi-denominational space across our ever developing woodland burial sites. Our inclusive approach extends to beloved pets, with dedicated sections for their eco-friendly burial. For those who wish, joint sections are available to rest alongside their cherished animal companions.

Award-Winning Green Burials Boston

Nationally Recognised Green Burial Grounds

Our dedication to providing compassionate, eco-friendly, green burials has been nationally recognised, Respect Green Burials have also been featured on the BBC series, “Dead Good Job – Episode 3”, specifically for our green burial services. Find out what the Worksop Guardian reported here about our appearance.

  • Best UK Green business of the year 2023 runner up
  • Best Green Burial Park Winner 2022
  • Runner-up at The Good Funeral Awards 2017
  • Winner of the Best Alternative Hearse Award 2016
  • Best Green Funeral Director 2014 Winner by the Good Funeral Guide
  • Highly Commended Certificate at The Lincolnshire Environmental Award 2014
  • Nottinghamshire Sustainability award Winners 2012
  • Wild Life Trust Green Guardian Award Winner 2011 

These accolades reflect our unwavering commitment to excellence in green funeral practices and our innovative approach to celebrating life. If you’re searching for a woodland burial UK, look no further than Respect woodland Burials.

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What Happens At A Green Burial Boston?

Your Choice, Your Peace With Respect Green Burial Boston

What Is A Woodland Burial Ground?

Where a final farewell becomes a return to nature’s embrace. In our serene woodlands, your loved one’s resting place harmoniously merges with the landscape, using biodegradable materials that honour both their memory and the environment. 

What is a green burial site? It’s a celebration of life’s natural cycle, where simplicity meets sustainability, creating a living memorial in a tranquil haven of native trees and wildlife. Each woodland burial is a unique, personal journey, offering a peaceful, dignified goodbye and leaving a legacy of environmental respect. 

Join us in this beautiful, sustainable tribute, where memories grow wild and free, and every farewell is a testament to a life well-lived and a planet well-loved.

How Does A Green Burial Boston Work? 

Each life is unique, and so is each farewell. At Respect Woodland Green Burial Parks, we work with you to create a personalised service that honours your loved one in a way that resonates with their values and your family’s wishes.

Sustainable Legacy

Choosing our green burial Boston is not just a farewell; it’s a commitment to the planet. It’s a peaceful return to the earth, leaving behind a legacy of conservation and respect for nature.

Explore the Possibility of a Green Farewell

Discover more about our services, our commitment to the environment, and how we can help you plan a farewell that’s as meaningful as the life it celebrates. Contact us directly for more information or to arrange a visit to our tranquil green burial sites.

How Much Does A Green Burial Cost?

Embracing Nature’s Cycle in a Respectful and Cost-Effective Way

At Respect Woodland Green Burial parks, we understand that honouring a loved one’s memory is as much about celebrating their life as it is about respecting their values, including their commitment to the environment. That’s why we offer green burials – a natural, eco-friendly alternative to traditional funerals, but how much does a woodland burial cost UK?

Attended Funerals At Respect Green Burials Boston

Our attended funeral service, where family and friends gather for a ceremony, is available at £1,275 (funeral director’s inclusive charges only). We believe in providing a dignified send-off without imposing financial burdens.

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Additional Services & Support

  • Legal and administrative arrangements
  • Collecting and Transporting the deceased
  • Care of the deceased in facilities
  • Oak Veneered MDF Coffin
  • Viewing arrangements (by appointment)
  • Transportation to cemetery/crematorium

Unattended Funeral Options

For those who prefer a more private farewell, we also provide options for cremation, inclusive of the funeral director’s charges and cremation fee.

Direct Burial and Direct Cremation Fees

The cost of a Direct burial or Direct cremation varies based on local regulations and choices regarding the plot or crematorium.

Woodland Burial Grounds With No Hidden Costs

Our pricing is straightforward, with no hidden fees. Additional services, such as extra mileage, transfer of the deceased, and funeral officiant services, are available on request, ensuring a personalised experience tailored to your specific needs.

Respect Green Burial Bostons Commitment To You

At Respect Woodland Green Burials Boston, we are committed to providing an eco-conscious burial option that honours your loved one and the environment, without an exorbitant price tag. We offer guidance on every step of the way, ensuring a process that’s not just environmentally friendly, but also respectful, dignified, and affordable.

Are Green Burials Cheaper?

When considering the financial aspect of farewells, many find that green burials present a more cost-effective option compared to traditional burials / funerals. Traditional funeral arrangements often involve expenses for elaborate caskets, embalming, and costly headstones, whereas green burials prioritise simplicity and environmental harmony.

By choosing biodegradable materials and natural settings, green burials eliminate many of these expensive elements, focusing instead on creating a meaningful, yet unadorned return to the earth. 

At Respect Woodland Green Burials, our commitment to affordability goes hand in hand with our dedication to sustainability, offering a dignified, eco-conscious farewell that respects both your budget and the planet. This approach not only honours your loved one but also provides a financially accessible alternative, reducing the financial burden during a time of reflection and remembrance.

Searching For A Local Green Burial Service Boston?

To discuss your specific needs, or for more information about our services and pricing, please contact us directly regarding our green woodland burial services. We are here to assist you in planning a farewell that’s as unique as the life it celebrates.

Respect Green Burials

Offering a compassionate and dignified approach to final farewells.

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