Respect – Winner – Best Alternative Hearse

Alternative to the norm! For the love of cars or just to be different?

This rather unique bespoke 1948 Bentley Mk 6 Special has been converted into an Award-Winning Hearse for the most discerning of families.

Those who are now looking for a rather stylish and unique ‘Final Journey’ can truly choose something different and they can even have a matching coffin personalised with photographs. Be they car enthusiasts or racing drivers they can now skid off this mortal planet in a superb carriage.

Our Company can even bury you on the run-off of a race circuit, as one of our burial grounds is part of an old airfield next to a driving circuit

Two unique Bentley Specials – the Hearse conversion is in Green of course, the limousine made up of a more modern Bentley Birkin Special, being 1 of only 20. Indeed they have access to more Bentley Birkins and RR Phantoms too.

Close up and personal, we can even draw the vehicle up right next to your graveside service.

Notes for the Bentley boys – This Bentley is a 1948 Special with all original chassis and running gear with a great history and pedigree having been on most European circuits.   The bier which carries the coffin is from a 1912 Viceroy Carriage and suitable for most coffin sizes with its additional adjustable frame. Unlike most ‘bodies’ the car has had more than one careful owner.

Available nationally…

Bespoke coffins available in matching colour of their car / model

As to the background of why turn a Bentley into a hearse? How many people actually practice what they preach?

Indeed how many Funeral Directors and Green Burial Park operators have actually booked their own plots let alone planned the detail of their own demise so they get the funeral they want?

Naturally it took Gordon Tulley the owner of Respect Green Burial Parks and the owner of the car no time to book his own plot as they own over 25,000 burial plots, yet it took some 6 years to get around to detailing his own inevitable demise, right down to his very own coffin and that too even has a sliver lining and cushion to match.

In his former life before the funeral industry he was in the automotive industry and has always been into owning desirable cars and then worked in TV production, in light entertainment and this reflected in his messages on the coffin because Fun is actually in the word Funeral!

Not for everyone of course, but as Gordon says whilst the attendees at his departure will be involved in a celebration of his life service and whilst quaffing his champagne at the graveside I’m sure they will rekindle memories of the past… which Gordon refers to as the dash….

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