Background to Green Burials:

The 21st century presents a new consumer who is looking for a clean ‘Green’ burial to accompany a conscious, low environmental impact life. Whilst we cannot all choose to live a completely green lifestyle Green Burial offers the chance to choose to continue a ‘cycle of life’ in natures most natural way.

Eco burial is an exciting solution, with a win,win scenario for individuals, wildlife, environmental enthusiasts, local authorities and government.

Alternative Green Burial started in the early 1990s and is growing rapidly in popularity in the UK.  It is our intention to develop an alternative sustainable eco burial area which supports the values of green space preservation, carbon sequestration, habitat creation and nutrient recycling.  The park will mature into sustainable native mixed broadleaf woodland.

Our eco warden and proposed friends group will manage the site so as to encourage the natural regeneration of flora and fauna and in turn support and encourage a plethora of wildlife for many generations to come.